This is a great backpack perfect for a dancer! It is a very good size, sits nicely when placed on the ground, and has a good size top flap that opens to easily reach your items inside. It even has a shoe pocket.  This is available in a fun sparkly glitter version (no it doesn't flake off everywhere) and a non-glitter version.  These will have a PDC logo and the dancer's name applied to the top flap in glitter vinyl. 


**Important to note: As of right now, the black non-glitter bags are on backorder until end of November and the black glitter bags are on backorder until some time in Feb. 22.  We wanted to still offer these bags are they are a good quality and a very nice size for dancers. You are welcome to go ahead and place your order. In these uncertain times, it is possible that these dates could change. In the event that the manufacturer fails to ship them, you will be refunded.

PDC Backpacks