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Return/Exchange Policy


All The Bling Factory items are custom made as we receive your order.  Items are not exchangeable or returnable. In addition, many of our items include personalizing that is not applicable to another buyer.  Please choose apparel sizes carefully. Please call us if you have questions about size. We do have some sample sizes that you are welcome to make an appointment to try and some organizations are provided with samples for you to try before ordering.  If we do not have an exact size for you to inspect, we  will provide a comparable item to help you make your choice or we can provide you with the manufacturer's specifications on size.  We will however offer an exchange in the case that there is a manufacturing problem (name misspelled, shirt seam not sewn, etc.). Please let us know within the first 7 days of receiving the item and  we will gladly correct/replace the item, but not a refund.


We want you to love your new Bling Factory item and have put forth our best effort to give you something fun, beautiful, and worthwhile.  All designs are handmade with care, so there may be small imperfections that prove your item was made by a human, but this makes your hand-crafted item that much more special!  


We accept cash, check, and credit/debit cards for payment.  Any returned checks will be charged an additional $20 service fee.


Thank you for your purchase!  Enjoy the bling!

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